SSH password authentication failure

From: cam (
Date: 02/12/03

From: (cam)
Date: 12 Feb 2003 09:20:10 -0800

Hello all,

I have just compiled openssh3.5p1 on RH8.0 but I'm unable to connect
to the machine, receiving a:

 Permission denied (publickey,password,keyboard-interactive).

and seeing a "Failed password for root from" message in the
logs. I'm aware that there can be problems with md5 passwords but I
compiled it --with-pam which should obviate the need for
--with-md5-passwords. There is an sshd configuration file in
/etc/pam.d which was copied from the contrib area and is identical to
one that worked before.

The only other option used was --with-tcp-wrappers and I believe this
is configured correctly. In any case, if libwrap was refusing me
access, surely I wouldn't get as far as the password prompt?

Permissions on the /etc/ssh/*.keys files etc are all 600 as are those
files in my home directory...

Running the client in debug (-v) mode doesn't seem to shed any more
light on the specific reason for the failure although I'd be happy to
post it if anyone feels it would be useful.

Can anyone shine any lights here?

Many thanks