Re: Establishing a SSH Connection

From: Juha Laiho (
Date: 02/11/03

From: Juha Laiho <>
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 19:37:00 GMT

"Dennis Hueckelheim" <> said:
>i want to write an WinApllication wich will a "remote control" of a
>LinuxApplication. I think the best way is to use a SSH connection and
>sending the right command.
>My Problem is: Where can i get informations about the SSH protocol?

>From IETF. F.ex., use Google to locate a document named
draft-ietf-secsh-architecture-13.txt (the title being "SSH Protocol
Arhitecture") and continue with the pointers included in that.

Finding the documents is the easy part in this case. Implementing the
protocol according to the documents (and so that you don't introduce
implementation-based security flaws) will be the difficult one.

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