Re: SSH-client that suppports http-proxies AND dynamic tunnels?

From: David Bonde (
Date: 01/29/03

From: David Bonde <>
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2003 14:20:55 +0100

On Wed, 29 Jan 2003, Maniac wrote:

> On Tue, 28 Jan 2003 16:00:04 +0100, David Bonde wrote:
> > But where can I find such a script and/or is OpenSSH available for
> > (ehum...) NT? I can only find links to Putty et al on
> Sure OpenSSH is available for windows... I use it at work too :)
> Cygwin includes openssh for window....

I need cygwin to use OpenSSH on NT?

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