Re: linux hop-by-hop auomated SSH login

From: Andras Szekely (
Date: 01/27/03

From: "Andras Szekely" <>
Date: Mon, 27 Jan 2003 10:09:30 +0100

"Pierre Asselin" <> wrote in message
> In <b0lrmi$4e1$> "Andras Szekely"
<> writes:
> >dunno if it's a question here every week, but could someone help if I
> >to login to a system that is a couple of unix boxes away?
> >This should be done in an automated way, from a linux box.
> Well, since the syntax is "ssh user@host command..." you could try
> something like this:
> ssh user_a@host_a ssh user_b@host_b ssh user_c@host_c
> If you have your public keys set up, it should plug you straight into
> host_c without asking for a single password.

My problem is that let's say I have an open terminal window.
The script will send ssh user_a@host_a into that terminal session.
Fine, a new SSH shell will open, connecting me to host_a.
Then the script will send ssh user_b@host_b again into my original terminal
window, not into the freshly opened shell.
Do you think it will be able to cnnect thru the previous SSH session?

I'm a bit confused, so I guess my question itself could be wrong.


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