Re: telnet replacement - not ssh?

From: Richard E. Silverman (
Date: 01/13/03

From: (Richard E. Silverman)
Date: 13 Jan 2003 15:45:09 -0500

>>>>> "VA" == Vic Abell <> writes:

    VA> Richard E. Silverman <> wrote:
>> Also, I don't know what you mean by the "nonce for the session" --

    VA> Nonce is a term used to name the pseudo-random number, generated
    VA> by each peer during an authentication exchange, and encrypted by
    VA> the other peer's public key before transmission to it.

As should be clear from the next sentence you didn't quote:

"although there are various places in the protocol where either side
 generates random values,..."

... I am well aware of the meaning of the term "nonce" in cryptography,
thanks. My point was, as stated, that I don't know what he's talking
about, since the term does not even appear in the RFC; neither can I think
of anything nonce-like in the key exchange phase to which it could refer.
The closest things are the cookies exchanged in the first kex packets, but
that doesn't work. Furthermore, in the context of the OP's argument, it
doesn't matter *what* he's referring to, as nothing in the key exchange is
covered by the session cipher anyway, and so cannot be compromised by a
poor choice of cipher.

  Richard Silverman

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