Re: Port forwarding through SOCKS server (SSH tunneling)

From: Patrick Van der Veken (
Date: 01/09/03

From: "Patrick Van der Veken" <>
Date: Thu, 9 Jan 2003 10:28:37 +0100

"Dharma Fog" <DharmaFog@VirtualMachines.COM> wrote in message
> Patrick Van der Veken wrote:
> [snip]
> > However what I cannot do is connecting through the SSH tunnel, ie
> > to port 5921 on my office PC. I can see the port is open as I can telnet
> > it without a connection failure. However, I get no output (RFB) from the
> > session.
> >
> > What's wrong here? Is the SOCKS server preventing me from using the
> > forwarded port? I have not experienced any problem with our SOCKS server
> > before. Is there any other way I could achieve this? If so, how to go
> > it?
> If you can connect with SSH over SOCKS to your machine at home - and
> if VNC doesn't require a UDP connection, then the problem is most likely
> that you're either forwarding the wrong ports or you're not not
> forwarding
> all the ports.
> Do a search on for this group.

Hi Dharma,

To my knowledge VNC only uses 1 TCP port (unless you wish to use the Java
component, in that case it's 2). I have rechecked with the VNC over SSH
pages at AT&T ( and I am
simply following their setup. The only difference being that my initial SSH
connection gets SOCKSified.



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