Re: .ssh/rc not given proto / cookie

From: Richard E. Silverman (
Date: 01/06/03

From: (Richard E. Silverman)
Date: 06 Jan 2003 04:30:06 -0500

>>>>> "IF" == Ittay Freiman <> writes:

>> This is not clear -- is "my system" the local or remote host? If
>> it's local, then have you checked that the remote host is running a
>> version of SSH which uses the rc file? That's the one that's
>> relevant here.

    IF> yes, it runs the version that uses the rc files, because if i add
    IF> debug messages i see them appearing (but proto and cookie are
    IF> empty)

Well, what version *is* it then?

Have you verified that X forwarding is actually being enabled & working?
The information would be absent if not.

  Richard Silverman

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