putty error: assertion failed

From: Alexander Heinze (alexander.heinze@berlin.de)
Date: 01/01/03

From: "Alexander Heinze" <alexander.heinze@berlin.de>
Date: Wed, 1 Jan 2003 17:59:39 +0100


I'm using WinXP and putty 0.53 (same error in earlier versions).
On Win 2000 computers this error don't occure...

I'm using tunnels with destination.

For example:
host: blabla.com
destination: foobla.org
port: 5555
(i've added the tunnel)
i logged in to blabla.com and i call in my browser:
sometimes i get the first page, but when i click a link
the following error occured...

Assertion failed!

File: tree234.c
Line: 536

Expression: relation == REL234_LT || relation == REL234_GT

Thanks for your help,