Re: sftp Win client batch mode?

From: RaphaŽl (*********************)
Date: 12/16/02

From: "RaphaŽl" <*********************>
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2002 09:22:32 +0100

Download the last version of Filezilla from
It's a GPL clone of Cute FTP Pro and It supports SFTP.


"Dan Klinedinst" <> a ťcrit dans le message de news:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to use F-Secure ssh client on Win 2K to transfer files to a
> Solaris 8 server running OpenSSH 3.4p1. Interactive sftp from command
> line works fine, it prompts for my passphrase or password. But if I try
> to run it in batch mode (-B switch) and feed it a list of commands from
> a file, it just tells me "Disconnected; authentication cancelled by user."
> It never prompts me for the passphrase or password. The documentation
> claims to support putting your password in a file and reading it via the
> -W flag, but that doesn't appear to work either (although I don't know
> for sure what the file format would be.)
> I know I could get around this using Cygwin and OpenSSH but I'd rather
> not have to install that for every user, especially when F-Secure is the
> officially supported Windows SSH client for our organization.
> My batch file (batch.txt) contains:
> open user@server
> ascii
> get test.txt
> quit
> ...and the command line I'm using is
> sftp2 -B batch.txt
> If anyone has ever gotten batch mode to work with F-Secure, any help
> would be much appreciated!
> TIA,
> Dan