Putty ssh remote command

From: jr9@sympatico.ca
Date: 11/15/02

From: jr9@sympatico.ca
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 16:10:45 -0500

I am using the Connections/ssh/remote command field on the Configuration
Menu in PUTTY to send a remote command and launch an X gui app back to the
user. Part of the command I send is 'setenv DISPLAY <IPaddress>:0.0' to
set the DISPLAY IP address. However, the users are on DHCP.

Does Putty have some sort of variable setup that I can substitute in the
command field to send the IP of the local PC in it's place?

i.e: on Exceed's xstart program, I would use:
setenv DISPLAY @d:0.0;..., Exceed would then substitute the PC's actual IP
address in place of the @d when it sends it to the PC. My version of
Exceed does not have SSH support, so this is why I want to use PUTTY