Re: Internet file transfers: SCP, SFTP, or PGP ?

From: steve (
Date: 11/04/02

From: (steve)
Date: 4 Nov 2002 07:57:49 -0800 (Tim Maletic) wrote in message news:<>...
> (steve) wrote in message news:<>...
> > Greetings, I am looking for the most painless, cost effective, and
> > secure method..therefore what are the real issues with internet file
> > transfers..perhaps some basic pros/cons on these options. From what I
> > have read the issues are:
> >
> > 1- SCP requires the same version of SSH on both ends to work for any
> > single transfer
> > 2- SFTP requires SSH 2.0 on both ends to work for any single transfer
> > 3- PGP over FTP can leave a PGP password exposed on your FTP server
> >
> > Does anyone have any other ideas/comments on this ? I am opting for
> > #2 b/c most everybody is FTP server ready..
> Your last sentence seems to imply that being "FTP server ready" means
> you are SFTP-capable, which is false. Perhaps you mean "most
> everybody is familiar with FTP commands"?
> If you use PGP, don't use passwords, use public keys. See this
> article for more details:
> -Tim

Is it overkill to use PGP and then transfer with SCP, the thought
being the file will sit encrypted on the file server once it gets
their so it might as well be encrypted also... ? thanks