AIX remote SSH root logins

From: Donnie Cranford (
Date: 10/12/02

From: Donnie Cranford <>
Date: Sat, 12 Oct 2002 21:40:49 GMT

I have downloaded the OpenSSH -current snapshot and compiled it for AIX
4.3.3. I saw that in bugzilla bug #383 there was a patch for this.

Looking in the src for 3.5 (current) it looks as though this patch is
there but is not working...

What I need to do is....
Disable remote logins by root
Enable root logins in sshd
Be able to login as root through ssh remotely.

This works on Solaris / HP-UX / and Linux....the only platform we have a
problem with is AIX...

IS there a fix? I know this works in the commercial version of SSH


Donnie Cranford

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