Re: CHROOT patch openssh3.4p1

From: Raymond Morsman (
Date: 07/23/02

From: (Raymond Morsman)
Date: 23 Jul 2002 05:49:40 -0700

> Oh, great, another one. Please hop over to for
> my notes on this. There's a 3.1p1 compatible patch, that also adds options
> to the script and has a widget for building new chroot cages.

That's fun. It doesn't work on 3.4p1 does it? So I think there's a
need for a more recent patch. A lot has changed in 3.4 and your patch
will most likely fail. I've been to your site, what could I find there
that could be of any use for OpenSSH 3.4p1?

There are very valid reasons to upgrade to the most recent version of
OpenSSH. People who want to use the chrooted environment (like the
company I'm working for) can benefit of my patch instead of finding it
out on theirself.