Re: OpenSSH on Debian

From: Jan-Hendrik Palic (
Date: 05/24/02

From: Jan-Hendrik Palic <>
Date: 24 May 2002 16:05:01 GMT

hi Marc

In article <>, Marc Schönberg wrote:
> I was trying to install the latest version of OpenSSH on a Debian box for
> security reasons. Unfortunately I am not familiar with this distribution.
> The INSTALL file in th OpenSSH source directory tells me to pass on the
> location of the rsh file to the configure script. Well, I don't know where
> it is located in Debian, even a find command could not tell me.

What debian version do you use? If you using potato, I will advice yiou
to upgrade to woody.

In woody, there is ssh 3.0.2p1-9 included:
ii ssh 3.0.2p1-9 Secure rlogin/rsh/rcp replacement (OpenSSH).

You can install ssh with apt-get, the famous tool to install packages in
debian :)

Type "apt-get install ssh", and you will install OpenSSH ....

I use key-auth As authentification method for ssh, IMHO the most secure
method with disabling the password authentification.


One time, you all will be emulated by linux!

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