Re: ssh1 binaries for sunos 4.1.1 needed

From: Philipp Poeml (
Date: 05/10/02

From: Philipp Poeml <>
Date: Fri, 10 May 2002 21:27:32 +0200

Hey guys,

thank you for your answers. I will tell you my reasons now: ;)

I agree with openssh. I would use it if i could. I just read, that ssh1 runs
on sunos 4.1.1, thats why i tried this first.

Second, i do not have gcc on that machine, and i could not find out, how to
port it to my system. if i'd know how, i would install it and use this. so,
how do i do it? don't i have to compile this either?

i cannot change the operating system unfortunately. i am a linux user
usually, but here i am fixed. this computer controls a microprobe, and i
can't make any major changes to it. i have to use specific software of
cameca, for controling the microprobe.

so if i could ask you: how do i port the gcc to thesunos 4.1.1? it is
propably the wrong newsgroup, but thinking of tour suggestion, maybe you
know the answer. :-)

what other chances do i have?

thank you a lot!


Philipp Poeml
Institut fuer Mineralogie
Uni Muenster