=?MACINTOSH?Q?VNC over SSH help=D1odd situation?=

From: Andreas Yankopolus (andreas@remove.yank.to)
Date: 05/05/02

From: Andreas Yankopolus <andreas@remove.yank.to>
Date: Sun, 05 May 2002 02:42:36 GMT


I'd like to run VNC over SSH to control a Linux box from my iBook, but
the Linux box is behind a firewall. The only way through the firewall is
via Citrix; I cannot SSH to the firewall or use it to perform port
forwarding. However, once I connect to the Linux box I can SSH back to
my iBook.

The approach I've been working on is to start vncviewer on my iBook with
the -listen argument and use vncconnect to make the connection. The
problem is that I have not been able to figure out how to make an SSH
pipe between the machines. The references I've found assume that I can
make an SSH connection from my iBook to the Linux box which is the
reverse of my situation.

If I've already started vncserver on the Linux box, SSH complains that
the port I'm trying to forward (5901) is already on use. When I try to
use a different port for forwarding (e.g., 5902), vncserver complains
that a server already exists on that desktop. The command I'm using to
kick off SSH from the Linux box is:

ssh -L port:iBook:port user@iBook

I've also tried -N -L & -N -L -f

I'm currently running the VNC client on the Citrix server and the Java
Citrix client on my iBook, which seems like an ungainly way to
accomplish whant I'm trying to do.

Many thanks,