Re: ssh terminal server

From: Alan Strassberg (
Date: 04/26/02

From: (Alan Strassberg)
Date: 26 Apr 2002 13:31:41 -0700

In article <Xns91FCA51FB3523nntprogerscom@>,
Lucas Tam <> wrote:
>If you run SSH I *think* you can port forward 3389 and it'll work fine.
>Or, there's VNC... you can tunnel that through SSH.

        Not when the system's in single user mode :)

        You are assuming I want to run RDP (Microsoft's Remote
        Desktop - port 3389) thru ssh. Yes, this does work fine.

        I need console (serial) access to UNIX boxes, switches,
        routers, etc but of course, via ssh. I need a magic ssh box
        that does the terminal server thing.