Re: x11 forwarding

From: Richard E. Silverman (
Date: 04/04/02

From: (Richard E. Silverman)
Date: 03 Apr 2002 23:04:46 -0500

>>>>> "AD" == Andre Doehn <> writes:

    AD> hi, between my client and the remote machine is a ssh server
    AD> (openssh 3.x) with remote port forwarding enabled - i want to
    AD> forward the x11 traffic from the remote machine to my client via
    AD> the ssh server. is it possible to tunnel the x11 traffic between
    AD> the remote machine and my client only using ssh?

"client" = C
"SSH server" = S
"remote machine" = M

I assume SSH is not running on M, otherwise you wouldn't be asking this
question. Suppose you use rsh from S to M.

C% ssh -X S
S% echo $DISPLAY
S% xauth nlist $DISPLAY | rsh M xauth nmerge -
S% rsh M
M% setenv DISPLAY S:10
M% xeyes

All sorts of things might go wrong depending on the environment, but this
is the general idea. You'll need to set X11UseLocalhost=no in sshd_config
on S.

  Richard Silverman

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