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Date: 03/08/02

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Date: 07 Mar 2002 23:36:22 GMT

ޭ (Susan Cordova)nʨG
> Hello,
> I have compiled openssh_2.9 with AFS support. The problem is that
> users are allowed to login to my systems using just their AFS password.
> This is a problem because I do not manage AFS and therefore cannot
> enforce strong password checks and password expirations. Is there a way
> to change the behavior of this? Could I have it ask for the local
> password and then the AFS password? If the AFS password is correct, then
> provide an AFS token.
> Is there a pam module?
> I would appreciate any advice or push in the right direction.
> By the way, my system is an ultra running Solaris 7
> Thank you

        you can try compile the openssh with pam module...
        then change the /etc/pam.conf with sshd

        try it, i had success b4

        good luck :)

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