Re: Unable to read DSA public key

From: Richard E. Silverman (
Date: 02/21/02

From: (Richard E. Silverman)
Date: 21 Feb 2002 10:35:28 -0500

>>>>> "JS" == Jagath Samarabandu <> writes:

    JS> Funny thing is, I can use ssh2 client from (V2.4) and it
    JS> works fine with the same machine using the same public key. Its
    JS> only the openssh client that refuses to do this.

Are you sure you don't have some confusion about corresponding
public/private keys? In order to get this effect, you would have had to
generate your keypair with SSH2, then use the OpenSSH ssh-keygen to
convert the format for use by OpenSSH. Did you do that?

  Richard Silverman

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