Re: Anyone used Solaris Secure Shell, Sun's productized ssh for Solaris9?

From: Joerg Schilling (
Date: 02/06/02

From: (Joerg Schilling)
Date: 6 Feb 2002 16:14:23 GMT

In article <a3rgod$24ec$>,
Alan Coopersmith <alanc@CSUA.Berkeley.EDU> wrote:
>"Nico Kadel-Garcia" <> writes in comp.unix.solaris:
>|> If you turn off rsh, then you will no more able to do remote tape
>|> backups!
>|Nonsense. "rm -f /usr/bin/rsh; ln -s /usr/local/bin/ssh /usr/bin/rsh" works
>|quite well to provide a much more secure transfer mechanism.
>Actually, for ufsdump it does nothing. To get ufsdump to use ssh you
>need to provide a ssh-enabled version of rcmd() - I know of at least one
>site that's done this for internal use using the Solaris source code,
>and it might be possible to arrange it via LD_PRELOAD.

The same applies to "star". If you like a fast connection, you need to use

GNU tar is the only program I am aware of that uses rsh to establish a remote
connection. It is noticable slower on remote mode for this reason.

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