openssh ssh2 with socks: No address associated to the name

From: george young (
Date: 01/17/02

From: george young <>
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2002 15:52:51 -0500

[openssh-3.1.0, Linux 2.2.14]
When trying to ssh to an outside machine from inside our firewall via socks:

   SSH_SOCKS_SERVER=socks://gry@llproxy:1080/ ssh2

I get
   ssh2: FATAL: Connecting to failed: No address associated to the name

This works fine if I specify the destination as an IP address. Our firewall does not
provide outside dns info, so I know a gethostbyname() will fail, but ssh shouldn't NEED
the dns info -- that's taken care of by the socks server on the firewall. I know this
because a kludgy workaround with a helper process does work.

Is there some clean way around this? Is there a way to configure the ssh socks code to not
query dns (or ignore dns failure)?

Getting dns inside our firewall is not an option :-( .

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