openssh, tcpd and inetd

From: Steven Fairly (
Date: 01/15/02

From: Steven Fairly <>
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2002 16:40:11 -0800

I'm a bit behind here. I'm missing something regarding security in OpenSSH.
My former SSHd used "DenyHosts" in /etc/sshd_config to block incoming
hosts. From
what I've read, there's nothing similar in OpenSSH.

"--with-tcp-wrappers" appears to be encouraged when configuring openssh.
Unless I've totally missed something, doesn't TCP Wrappers only provide blocks
for those programs in inetd.conf? And, if not, how does one block
access if
sshd is not in inetd.conf? (which I don't want it to be).

Also, I did try to use "--with-tcp-wrappers" but I get:

    configure: error: *** libwrap missing

libwrap.a is in /op/tcp_wrappers_7.6 so how do I make the configure
script find

My configure command:
./configure --with-openssl-dir=/usr/local/ssl --with-entropy-pool=/dev/random
--with-pam --with-tcp-wrappers

My software:
OpenSSH 3.0.2p1
OpenSSL 0.9.6b
Solaris 7
TCP Wrappers 7.6
EGD 0.8
Zlib 1.1.3

Thanks for any help.


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