Making OpenSSH listen to external interfaces

From: Daniel Seifert (
Date: 01/09/02

From: "Daniel Seifert" <>
Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2002 17:45:30 +0100

Hi everybody,

I have a question concerning the OpenSSH daemon.
I have installed it on an i386, OpenBSD 3.0 server with two netdevices:
external & internal network interface (i.e. EXT_IF and INT_IF)

I run /usr/sbin/sshd and wait for incoming connections.
Whenever a local connection arives, sshd answers correctly and everything
works fine.

But connections from the Internet get lost somewhere (neither sshd -d nor
the logs show any connection attempts).

It's not the firewall. The packets actually get processed. (I checked that
by disabling the firewall & tcpdumping)
They just don't seem to be answered by sshd.

Are there any options I have to enable/disable ?

Thanks for help