Re: Can i use a pair of key which be created on win2000 with secure-crt on solaris?

Date: 12/28/01

From: <>
Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2001 18:45:17 +0800

I create my pairs of keys with secure-crt on win2000,and i want use them as
my key pairs on solaris.
version of SSH on solaris is ssh3.0.
"Richard E. Silverman" <> wrote in message
> >>>>> "hjmoo" == <> writes:
> hjmoo> I create my pairs of keys with secure-crt on win2000,when i cp
> hjmoo> them to a solairs,they are not work.What's wrong?I have already
> hjmoo> used dos2unix to format them.Thanks.
> How do you want to "use" them? To get into that box? As a private key to
> ssh *from* that box? What version of SSH is there?
> --
> Richard Silverman

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