Re: Why does ssh drop connections more than telnet?

From: Todd H. (
Date: 12/20/01

From: (Todd H.)
Date: 20 Dec 2001 15:18:30 -0600

Ric Anderson <> writes:
> I experience more service drops from ssh connecting from's
> v3.01 Windows 2000 client to a v3 Sparc/Solaris Server than I do
> from telnet by a large margin.
> For a simple test, I set up a telnet and an ssh session, both
> running top on the same host, with a refresh of 1 second. When
> a net hiccup occurred, both screens froze, but telnet came back
> to life about at the point that Windows ssh put up the "network
> connection lost" dialog. This happened 3 times in a two hour
> period. I can also see (vie the "w" command) the Solaris processes
> associated with the terminated Windows session well after the
> Windows side has thrown in the towel.
> Is there any way to make ssh (Windows client to Solaris server)
> more immune to network glitches, so that it recovers like
> telnet instead of giving up?

I don't have an answer for you, but I use SecureCRT to a linux ssh1
server through a socks4 firewall and get dropped regularly. It'
annoying. This has little to do with keepalives (which I do have
enabled), because most of the time the drop occurs in the middle of my
typing in a session. I haven't correlated it to anything. I don't
know why ssh seems relatively prone to this at least in my

Todd H.