Re: Upgrading to openssh-3.0.2p1-1.3mdk.i586.rpm displays auth passphrase request

From: Nico Kadel-Garcia (
Date: 12/17/01

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    From: "Nico Kadel-Garcia" <>
    Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2001 05:15:45 GMT

    <> wrote in message news:9vjsku$2g8$0@
    > Hi,
    > With openssh I was at 2.3.0p1-7.1mdk and I upgraded to
    > 3.0.2pl-1.3mdk. It now brings up a GUI (askpass?) dialog box to
    > enter my passphrase every time I make an SSH connection. I've
    > been using keychain with 2.3.0p1-7.1mdk
    > ( so my passphrase
    > didn't have to be entered every time I made a ssh connection.
    > This was especially useful for running fetchmail in daemon mode.
    > The packages I upgraded are
    > openssh-3.0.2p1-1.3mdk.i586.rpm
    > openssh-askpass-3.0.2p1-1.3mdk.i586.rpm
    > openssh-clients-3.0.2p1-1.3mdk.i586.rpm
    > openssh-server-3.0.2p1-1.3mdk.i586.rpm
    > I know the askpass package is repsonsible for the prompt but I
    > don't know why this behavior changed after the upgrade other than
    > it has something to do with UseLogin(?) and SSHASK_PASS. I
    > looked at my environment variables and as far as I can tell
    > SSHASK_PASS is not set. I don't see SSHASK_PASS in the
    > ssh[?]_config files either. In desparation I did set and export
    > SSHASK_PASS=no and UseLogin no to see if that would help.
    > I've also gathered that this is a FAQ in this group and I apologize
    > for bringing it up again, but I couldn't find my answer.

    There is a recent CERT warning about UseLogin with certain OS's, such as
    Solaris, that use a SysV based /bin/login. This doesn't seem to apply to
    Linux, but one may want to be aware of it.

    I find askpass to be a pain in the neck. Is there any reason not to simply
    delete the RPM?

    And is the askpass happening when you log in at the X windows console, which
    would indicate something in your windows setup was calling it? Or is it only
    when you make an SSH connection from your terminal windows? Or what?