Re: Preventing Software Piracy ???

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"Peter Olcott" wrote

Yes, that just occurred to me in the last few days.
of this I may cancel my pending patent and just keep the
current one. The pending patent reveals many more details
significant development that occurred after the first
was filed.

that's not the whole story.
You also have to think about the way your program works.
Uses it a database? Lots of patents blocking the free use
in your program.
Uses it ( genetic ) algorithms? Uses it neural networks?
Uses it expert
How does it proces the scan information ( if it use a
scanning device ).
Etc, etc. and a lot of patents block the free use in
whatever program.
Very frustrating and it's shouldn't be allowed because
nice software never
the market.

I don't have to worry about all that
My invention mostly just uses a couple of very old processes
to achieve a brand new result.
(1) Deterministic Finite Automaton
(2) Binary Search
The new result is 100% accurate character glyph recognition
at display screen resolutions that is at least 100-fold
faster than alternatives. Also the next best 100-fold slower
alternative is only about 90% accurate.

The copy protection that one of my competitors uses is to
sell the license for such an enormous price that he can
afford to spend a few hours getting to know his
customers before releasing any software or users manuals.
The prospective customer must also prove who they really
before any sale is even considered.

you could also include a scrambled algorith in your
software with a
nummer, name of the seller or something like that.
Just like a lot of software programs the program stops
if you know it's an illegal version.
That requires an internet connection and you know who was
responsible for that 'evaluation copy'.
But I still think a dongle with some nice scrambled tricks
does the trick.

The dongle might be too slow to be practical, and neither of
the dongle companies respond to my repeated emails.

I may just use conventional try before you buy trialware
protection of a hobbled product, that is hobbled enough to
prevent any useful work, but, not so much that all the
features can not be tested.