Re: Preventing Software Piracy ???

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Peter Olcott wrote:

If a system can be devised that is uncrackable (like
rockey6 may be) this is moot.

If they have physical access to the hardware it is
crackable by means other than brute force.

As soon as the hardware is opened up its memory completely

life of the product?

However long graphical user interfaces are the norm, in
other words very long.

There should be significant resistance to copy protection
because the product is likely to die prematurely. Dongles
might be slightly better

I think that there may be a way to apply uncrackable PGP
encryption to copy protection so that the copy protection
becomes uncrackable. Certainly if the whole application only
ran on the dongle, this would work.

than keys in the code, but they are still relying on your
company staying in business and interested in the product,
neither of which is common in the real world.