Re: How did they do that?

Unruh wrote:

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Michelle wrote:

A few months back I found out that a friend of mine, whom I trusted
and allowed access to my wireless router and admin page, was spying on
my computer via some remote tool. How where they able to do this
without installing anything on my personal computer? It was almost as
though they had complete remote access even though I had disabled
remote access. I'm worried they are somehow doing it again because my
mouse has been jumping around. This was how I caught them last time.

And you know taht they did it how? Mouse jumping around is NOT evidence of
They could easily have put a user that they can log into, or gotten root

Obviously you've never been the recipient of someone using Remote
Desktop Protocol, TeamViewer, or LogMeIn to remotely control your host
to see the mouse cursor moving around (RDP usually blanks the screen).
Obviously an outside cannot obtain remote access unless then can get
through the router, through any software firewall, and can connect to a
client running on the targeted host.