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What is the difference between software-only keylogger and a hardware
keylogger? I dont think what i want to use it for is illegal.

Your posting headers claim you are posting from Thailand. If you
are indeed in Thailand, then I have no information as to the
circumstances under which keyloggers are or are not legal there.

In Canada and the USA, the general guideline is that unless you
are a law enforcement official operating under a warrant
(or under a security law that permits operation without a court order)
then placing a keylogger is a "wiretap" if you do not own the
equipment, and that even if you own the equipment, placing a keylogger
is a violation of civil rights unless *everyone* who uses the equipment
is made clearly aware of the existance of the keylogger.

That "everyone" -includes- unauthorized users: I am told (by
security consultants) that there was a case in the USA in which
someone broke into someone's house and used the computer without
authorization, but because the burglar had not been notified of
the existance of the keylogger, the keylogging evidence was
not permitted in court.

In Canada and the USA, cases have established that it is definitely
not legal to install a keylogger to -secretly- monitor what a spouse
or child is doing. "Secretly" is the operative word there.

So... you see that in nearly all situations in Canada or the USA under
which it is legal to install and operate a keylogger require notification
to all users of the equipment (authorized or not): and if you are
notifying the users then it becomes rather pointless to attempt to
hide your credit-card purchase of the keylogger.