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Is the maker of the gun responsible for its use?

Yes, of course. A gun is a tool. A tool is designed and crafed for being
used in a scenario. If someone designs and crafts guns for hunting
purposes, he is responsible that people have better possibilities to

If someone designs and crafts guns for the purpose of killing people,
she/he shares the responsibility for the deaths and kills, which are
done using his guns.

If a gun with the purpose of hunting is being abused for killing
people, then she/he does not (if he isn't violating his responsibility
in other ways, say: not giving guns to children).

I cannot see any sensible ethics, which define responsibility without
the purpose of an action.

To answer your question, which you probably meant:

The ethical conflict persists, if someone designs and crafts guns as
tools for defense.

Then she/he should have a look on how are his guns are used in reality,
because this implies that her/his users have good intentions, too. She/he
takes responsibility to check that, because she/he shares responsibility
for what her/his tools are being used, and she/he has to react, if her/his
view of the world is wrong.

No-one who claims for acting responsibly can claim being naive. She/he
can only claim having made a mistake.

Acting responsibly means to take account of how your acting impacts the
world around you.

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