Re: Help me,my computer maybe at risk with some trojan.

First thing,i really amazed that see you on all my topic.(Xie xie ni a
Now go to the main topic.Why don't teach me how to check if a trojan
stay on ur computer instead of reasoning,argueing, about the reason of
bug on the PC..? You really think antivirus can check out all trojan
huh?Do you hear that if you have trojan on source setup than it quite
pass anti-shitwares check??I heard some story about the software war?
I'm acquainted with some friend and he declares that,if he write a
trojan then no antivirus can detect, because his is not destroy
anything and...And i believe him,anti virus just detect famous trojan
and things destroy internet ...Day after day,many trojan were born,and
how many programmer put noxious code into his software for the protect
the copyright purpose,do you know?I think it is being,not is the
joke.Virus and worm is easy to detect but trojan is not,specially it
is the economic war.(i dont have any company ya,haha)
Ok ,leave all waste thing ja.Come back with ur saying.All ur saying
not help me at all,i just see the big of ur knowlegde.You say
manything and about bandwidth but i need u teach how to detect
trojan,bandwidth is no problem. Could you help?Seemed you join in IT
very soon,and i see you from the 2000 ja,then you really be my brother
ja,so let teach me,will be grateful so much.Ah,if you want teach me
then please use English in the simple grammar,hornestly i'm idiotic in
English maybe and i must try so much to understand.It is real(coz my
country not use English and not join with the World soon).
On Apr 9, 11:57 pm, "Sebastian G." <se...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Olicaca wrote:
Hi every one.
My pc have many problem that i feel there's trojans sheltering in

Even if not, your abuse of MSIE as a webbrowser provides sufficient reason
for this assumption.

It usually shutdown my IE,disable me to use Process

Explorer,sometimes disable other,often security center notice
Kaspersky be disable while it look like alive and active normaly.
Kaspersky often report explorer.exe,svchost... "load new or modify"
other files and module,inject to other process, and it till report
intergrity violation,hidden object. I check some module that reported
by Kaspersky and see that the modified day is changed.

So, did you ever try uninstalling the Kaspersky stuff? After all, this is a
much more likely cause than a trojan horse.

 > I did scan my pc with some anti-trojan but can't detect anything.

So after restoring the registry from the repair folder on the backup should
have already done the job.

 > I don't have anything important that others or hacker can use

Hm... no bandwitdh at all?

I think it may infected in the OS files system

Huh? Didn't you already state above that you ran a scan? That is, the scan
should have already validated all signatures of the OS files and/or compared
them to a known trusted base.

 > or it came from programs

CD-rom i installed but i don't know how to detect it,where it is and
how to discover it. Anyone can help me,show me the step to find it,i
want know it and bring it to light.

Well, why don't you do it like any serious person does? Create an image, do
a clean reinstall and analyze it later.