Re: How to prevent my information from being accessed by webpages

"Sebastian G." wrote:

Ant wrote:
Error messages (e.g. 404) don't appear in my IE without OK-ing an
ActiveX prompt.

Interesting. How did you get such a configuration?

By tweaking the registry values under ...\Internet Settings\Zones\0

Many people would find that a nuisance when performing some normal
day-to-day operations but I tend not to operate normally.

I don't know why a search would be made when all automatic object
creation is disallowed in all zones.

Because the implementation is somewhere between stupid and broken.
Instantiation already happens before it tries to apply its policies.

Perhaps limiting ActiveX in *all* zones would stop it. I've yet to see
a control instantiated that I haven't explicitly allowed.

reliably crash a fully up-to-date Internet Explorer 7. No news, I reported
these to Microsoft back in 2004; about the time when I stopped caring for MSIE.

No crashes here either online or with locally saved copies of the
tests suitably modified, but then I am using IE5.