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Unruh wrote:

SSL. SSH/SFTP only protects the data transfer channel, not the command channel.

No idea what you are talking about. ssh encrypts everything passing between
the two computers.

We're talking about SFTP, which is a variant how to use SSH to secure the
FTP protocol. In the SFTP setup, the protection by SSH is only applied to
the data transfer channel.

"SFTP" is *NOT* "a variant how to use SSH to secure the FTP protocol".

It's an SSH based file transfer protocol which has NOTHING to do
with FTP whatsoever.

It's defined in
and it's some form of packetized file transfer over an SSH tunnel.

The full transfer of data is protected.

There are no commonalities with ftp except for the name (it's a file
transfer protocol, after all) and the command interface.

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