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I am pretty new to the subject so if I write sth stupid just point it
out to me loud... I want to encrypt chunks of data that include ascii
character. So it's not plain text but rather a binary stream. My
question is whether an algorithm like AES is efficient and what
problems I may face.
Discussions about the relative efficiencies of various cryptography
algorithms are probably best referred to sci.crypt .

If efficiency is your main concern, then use NES instead of AES.
NES (NULL Encryption Standard) is as efficient as you can possibly
get, and can be easily written in a one or two lines of code:
just copy the input buffer to the output buffer unchanged.

If that doesn't sound quite as secure as you would like, then chances
are that you are willing to give up at least a -little- bit of
efficiency for the sake of security. If so, then you should start
asking yourself how *much* security you need, and what kind of
events you are attempting to secure against, and how much inefficiency
you are willing to put up with to achieve that level of security.

AES is considered to be fairly efficient for the level and
variety of security it gives you -- but it might not be the
appropriate level of security for you, and the drawbacks of it
might not be acceptable in your situation.

A general question ... are you from Microsoft?
I am asking you this question because you have spoken line a true MS
techie but provided no help at all to the poor soul who asked the

I'd say he gave him the right advice quite nicely:
- He shall make up his mind about his demands, concretely formulate them and then ask again (if the answer doesn't already jump into his face immediately).
- If you don't know what cipher to take: Simply use AES.