Re: Best windows xp keylogging software freeware

On Oct 6, 2:38 pm, "Sebastian G." <se...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Grant Todgershaker wrote:
my question is whether or not there is a generally recommended keylogger
for the average user to employ to log keystroke activities on his

I can't think of one that fits the second most crucial requirement:


If you happen across a software keylogger that will sit invisibly on a
system without triggering some security mechanism then you've found your

> best keylogger.

Well, isn't that a trivial requirement? Just have something running in
kernel mode (either as a filter driver or as a function hook), this would be
invisible from usermode for any unprivileged user.

I'd rather require the contrary: Keylogging can be done totally
unprivileged, without compromising the entire system. However, this wouldn*t
be transparent any more.

try eblaster.hope it helps