Re: Copy HDD Across Network

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Is there a forensically sound and stealth method of copying a laptop
hdd across the LAN?

Rather than us getting mired in waht your definition of forensically
sound is, what is it you're trying to do. Copy a hard drive across
the LAN obviously, but what is the situation such that you're
attempting to thwart leaving any forensic footprint and evade

Todd H.

A member of staff is using personal laptop to store sensitive
information, this person may be scheduled for sensitive term. other
than the above I can't get into too much detail.

Ugh. That sucks. "Sensitive term." termination?

Yer into legal issues I suspect. Even if you could manage to
crack into that laptop while it's on the company's lan, the legality
of doing so would not be clearcut at all. I imagine the employment
agreement and whatever supplements the employee has signed as
conditions of employment would figure in.

Technically, you'd be looking at it like any other bad guy attacker
would. If it's on the physical premises, and legality weren't an
issue, the easiest way is to grab the box itself and image the hard
drive while the individual's at lunch.

This brings up several interesting employment law questions though.
What latitude does an employer have to search personal property for
evidence of theft, what recourse does an employer have (other than
terminating the employee) if they can prove an individual stole or
inappropriately stored company intellectual property on their private

My gut says "not much" though. Curious if there's anyone steeped in
the law of this realm here.

Todd H.