Re: Is that secure : <form action="https" from a local HTML page ?

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Sebastian, you're then saying the opposite of what Barry said.

No, that's not the case. There's a huge difference between a website
retrieved via HTTP and one retrieved from local storage media. That's why I
wondered much about the OP...

But that wasn't what the OP was really asking about. He was asking
whether the encryption of the form submission depends on the form coming
from the same server as the submission. He was just using local storage
as an example of a place different from the original web site. His
concern, I suspect, was whether it would be safe for him to make a local
version of the login form for a web site (e.g. if the real web site has
an ad-laden login page, you might wish to optimize the login by making a
bare-bones local login form that has the same submission action).

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