Re: email privacy

"antonio" <abc01101@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

We both have win xp. I have adsl and he has vdsl. It's all i know.
Yes, it should looks like message is sent from one specific country.

If he installs an ssh server of some sort, be it openssh's sshd via framework, or VShell server, and gives you an
account, you should be able to do what you want.

Once the ssh server is running, you'd get for your own
machine, install openssh and in the cygwin shell you'd do something

$ ssh -D 1080 useronfriendsmachine@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

to log in to your buddy's machine and set up the proxy server.

then you'd configure your web browser of choice to use a proxy,
specify a socks4 proxy at address port 1080

and that's it. you can test the configuration by visiting and it should report back your buddy's IP
address rather than your own. Then, you're off to surf as you wish
and you'll appear to be coming from that country of your buddy's

Best Regards,
Todd H.