Re: Looking for a Windows/Unix crypting solution ?

ctobini skrev:
Hello and thanks for your answer,

The client have to download files from a SFTP account, I would like to
encrypt the data (files as PowerPoint, Word documents...) and the
client to decrypt with the same algorithm than I used.

C. Tobini

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ctobini skrev:

I would like to crypt data for an exchange between Linux and Windows OS
in a professional way, the Windows clients must so have a GUI and must
be be useful (ccrypt is cross-platform and free but is only a command
line utility).

Would you know which utility exists on Linux and Windows OS (free
and/or open source if possible) ?


C. Tobini

What kind of data/traffic is exchanged? (Traditional file server setup,
streaming, web, messaging... ; LAN, WLAN, shared/local storage media.)

Where should the data be encrypted? (Only on the wire, or do you want
encrypted files?)

Do you need transparency (so the users don't need to be aware of the

MS Office only?

For a gui sftp client I've used "bitvise tunnelier" (combination ssh/sftp client) and it has the features I need. MS office has builtin support for file encryption, and with the latest versions the encryption should be strong enough for most uses. See the "Tools - Options" menu selection, "Security" tab.