Re: FYI: Avira reacted about "Shutdown Windows' servers" as malware

Leythos <void@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

When I read a post that is biased, stating that the big bad guys are
going after me, I look for unbiased confirmation - nothing in his post,
and nothing in this entire thread indicates that the AV vendors are
going after the coder (VB), only a threat capable program. I would not
believe anyone posting in Usenet/Blocks about an injustice I could not
verify myself, only a fool would.

What you fail to understand/accept is that you *cannot* have read such
a post for the simple reason that it was never written.

The personal vendetta scenario, like the "Why was VB's code detected
as malware?" (non-)question, only exist in your head. They were never
written by any of us (TINU) and simply are non-issues.

So to make it simple for you:

- We don't think anyone is going after VB, i.e. no personal vendetta.

- We don't care why VB's codes are detected. We only care *that* they
are detected and think that they should have been whitelisted (by the
AV 'vendors') or not detected (because, as the AV vendors should have
determined, neither *is* malware).

- We don't care that you think they should be detected (and not
whitelisted). I.e. we disagree with your opinion.

Got it now? Any questions?