Re: FYI: Avira reacted about "Shutdown Windows' servers" as malware

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There's no point. It's no so much the translation, but your
interpretation of the translation. I.e. you are apparently unwilling to
accept that it actually says what VB says it says. I.e. it's just
another refusal to accept information which does not suit your agenda.

I'm quite willing to accept that the translation is wrong, that's why I
did two different G>E engines to see what they would come out with. Both
came out with the same meaning. I already asked for anyone to provide a
better translation I could check.

You missed his point. A computer cannot properly translate one language
to the other with all the idiom and intent of the original language. It
can tell you that word A means B according to its dictionary, but it
cannot deal with the intricacies of a language. For example, there is
a phrase in Spanish that when directly translated would say "He's a good
egg" when what is really meant is "He's a good man". This is why there
are still professional human translators in this day and age. "Lost in
translation" is not just a saying when it comes to computer translations.