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I am very pleased with AVG. It's from They have a
free version which is good, but after I'd had it a while I went for the
subscription version. Very good. An update takes seconds. There is
one automatic one a day and then I signed up for their email
notification and I'll get another, or even two more, in a day and take
less than a minute to re-update. Businesslike and very responsive and

We have about 20 residents of a Sorority running it on their computers,
the latest version, daily updates, and they still manage to become
infected every couple months - the last one was a trojan.flood virus that
AVG missed - spammed their house network so badly the router could not
handle the traffic and shut-down.

I've never had a customer with Symantec Corp Edition or even Norton AV
product on their system compromised, and that includes the other residents
of the sorority at the same location.

You're lucky. Three weeks ago I had to basically rebuild from scratch a
law firm network that got nailed so bad they had thought they'd lost
confidential client data to intruders (I don't believe they did). 74
machines, 4 locations, separated by about 150 miles total. Every location
protected by Corporate and every machine protected by NAV.

Care to take a wild stab at the bottom line on the invoice, and how pissed
they were at Symantec. ;-)

Anecdotal evidence is just that. What you need to look at is the big
picture, and if you do, Symantec products fall far short of some of their
competitors. And it's been that way for a very, very long time. They're
far better than nothing, but not anywhere NEAR the 100% reliable you
apparently want to mislead people into believing, for what reasons God
only knows... <shrug>

I've never seen a properly installed Symantec Solution (Corporate or Personal) result in a compromised system. Now I've seen users disable protection and then have their systems compromised, but that's not the fault of the AV software.

I've seen Symantec happily ignore viruses on too many occasions. I've also seen it not detect viruses 4-5 days after other products were detecting and removing it. Sober.X for example. Symantec sucked with that one. It *still* misses it in around 15% of cases. How do I know? I've stripped all .zip attachments on inbound SMTP as the SMTP scanner misses it. So does the real time scanner. So does the manual scanner. I can FWD the attachment to machines running other AV products and they detect it.

You will *never* convince me that Symantec AV products do their job properly anymore. They used to, but unless they lift their game substantially I won't recommend it to anyone.

I'm also sick to death of new machines running like 486's because they have NIS or Systemworks loaded. Not to mention liveupdate reloading a default config and buggering up PC's and networks. Add to this rant: HP PSC series printer drivers. Piles of steaming crap.