Re: [OT] Silly (copyright?) claim by "Galen".

From: John Navas (
Date: 11/29/05

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    Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2005 05:42:22 GMT

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    In <> on Mon, 28 Nov 2005
    23:04:47 -0500, Barry Margolin <> wrote:

    >In article <#8QDYJo7FHA.1420@TK2MSFTNGP09.phx.gbl>,
    > "Galen" <> wrote:
    >> Well, interesting views I suppose but according to all the information I was
    >> able to gather on the subject of copyright I'm well within any legal rights
    >> to make any claims or limits I'd like if I so choose? I'm not a lawyer but
    >> there's a nice page here on the subject:
    >You can make all the claims and limits you want, but I don't see how you
    >expect anyone to conform to them. Usenet is a totally automated system,
    >the servers can't understand what's written in your signature. You post
    >a message, it gets sent automatically to every server that subscribes to
    >the groups you listed.

    That defense hasn't worked for the filesharing folks.

    >Google's servers are not special in any way, and
    >their web site is just a GUI gateway to their news servers.

    Archiving and searching make Google considerably different from conventional
    news servers.

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