Re: Running program files on XP with non-executable extension?

From: Zvi Netiv (
Date: 11/04/05

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    Date: Fri, 04 Nov 2005 17:58:57 +0200

    Leythos <void@nowhere.lan> wrote:
    > says...

    > > > Which does not change the fact that I've not had the experience of false
    > > > positives
    > >
    > > The reason could be little experience, or assuming that all the alerts that you
    > > saw were true positives, without confirming that they are indeed. Your
    > > assertions do not sound credible.
    > I agree, if I was some slouch, I would think it not credible too, but as
    > I've been doing this type of work since the mid 70's, I would think that
    > I know a little about security by now :) I've designed everything from
    > small 5 node SOHO's to 400 node medical centers,

    So you say. How do I know that you aren't just boasting? Your stories sound
    too fantastic to me. Do you claim that all the users of the 1500 networks that
    you designed or managed are security super-aces like you and never blew it?

    > of all the ones we
    > manage, not one has been compromised, and I've only see a virus on two
    > that we didn't manage, but that was due to letting a unclean laptop into
    > the network, none of the other nodes were compromised.
    > As for alerts of any type, they are always checked against two or three
    > AV products, so I feel comfortable that my statements are true on our
    > networks.

    What are the alerts upon, since you claim that the systems you manage were never

    Regards, Zvi

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