Re: Signs and symptoms?

From: Todd H. (
Date: 10/14/05

Date: 14 Oct 2005 09:57:37 -0500

"Swelp" <> writes:
> I run a small commercial internet network for my Unit in Iraq. I was
> just wondering if anyone had any ideas for tips that I can give the
> users to indicate that they might be being hacked into. I made sure
> they all have firewalls, but other than the popup messages, what are
> some good indications that an attack is in progress?

You'll want to investigate network-based Intrusion Detection Systems

Shimming a linux box with 2 NIC's in between your hardware firewall
appliance (you have one don't you?) and your LAN that runs Snort is
one simple low cost way.

When you say unit do you mean Army perchance?

Todd H.