Re: FAQ: How can I generate good strong passwords?

From: John Navas (
Date: 10/14/05

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    Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2005 23:39:38 GMT

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    >In article <kiA3f.138197$>, John Navas <> wrote:
    >>In <R3A3f.16265$> on Thu, 13 Oct 2005 21:16:58
    >>GMT, (Rico) wrote:
    >>>One could always generate a GUID and use that. Very very difficult to
    >>>reproduce and I would suspect fairly resistant to a brute force attack.
    >>But might well be vulnerable to some other form of attack. Since GUID isn't
    >>designed and tested for security, it's dangerous to make such assumptions, and
    >>thus not a good idea to use it.
    >Well ultimately I suspect any password can be cracked given enough CPU
    >poser and time.

    If you follow the recommendations, that's very unlikely. You might as well
    worry about being hit by a meteor. ;)

    >With that in mind, any password will be a weak point in
    >security. Seems I recall seeing an article on /. some months back about the
    >FBI being able to crack passwords in minutes to a few hours.

    Some passwords, sure, but according to experts not good ones. Regardless, the
    FBI (or even the NSA) probably isn't the likely threat to us, now is it? ;)

    >Again though I am not trying to suggest a GUID is perfect nor invulnerable,
    >judt the routine I offered is an easy way to generate a fairly good random
    >password without going nuts over the issue.

    It's obviously *not* random.

    >I like you though recommend
    >Password Safe as perhaps the best solution within reason.


    John Navas           <>

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