Re: Advice needed to install a registry and dll file.

From: Alun Jones (alun_at_texis.invalid)
Date: 10/10/05

Date: Sun, 9 Oct 2005 16:03:52 -0700

<> wrote in message
> Can someone tell me:
> - Is it dangerous to install the registry file?

Anywhere from "possibly" to "definitely".

> - How can I make sure the dll file isn't a virus?

You can't.

So, the question now comes - what do you know about the person or
organisation providing the fix?

Is it a recognised provider of consistently reliable fixes, or a
fly-by-night hackish individual with no reputation?

The best place to get patches, of course, is usually the place where you got
the original software - although with incursions at many public distribution
points in the past, that might not be such a safe assumption.

The worst place to get patches is from random individuals with no
reputation. You have no idea what you're getting into.

As a user with admittedly little knowledge, you need to work purely on the
basis of trust.

Do you have a reason to trust this patch? Have others used it successfully?
Does it even do what it claims to do?

Note that I'm not saying the patch is dangerous - it could be that this is
exactly what you need. There are lots of really nice people on the
Internet - it's just that the really bad people are the ones getting all the
press. Unfortunately, it takes just one bad person to infect your system.

Gauge your level of risk - make up some numbers of how much you trust the
provider, what chance you think there is that the provider might have a
motive to provide you with an unsafe patch, and then compare that against
how useful your software is without the patch, or with the patch.


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