Re: Why do I need a software firewall?

From: Volker Birk (
Date: 09/30/05

Date: 30 Sep 2005 22:40:49 +0200

Todd H. <> wrote:
> Volker Birk <> writes:
> > Todd H. <> wrote:
> > > > So I'm waiting for your arguments. Because you're assuming, that I'm may
> > > > a troll, I'm assuming, you have very good arguments why I should be wron
> > > You're assuming that such a discussion trips my cost/benefit
> > > threshold and might actually be productive.
> > If you don't offer arguments, then I'm assuming, that maybe you don't
> > have any.
> I'm really ARE a troll. LOL.

Who is offending people without any arguments, is losing the discussion.

> If anyone needs convincing on how software based and hardware based
> firewalls complement each other to provide better protection than
> either one tool alone, I'm not sure I can help them.

I'm sure, you cannot help, too.


MAC-Filtering bringt so viel Schutz vor "Hackern" wie Zeitungspapier vor
einer Atombome. (MAC filtering is protecting against "hackers" like newsprint
is protecting against a nuclear bomb)
                  - Christian Forler in